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“In the age of the customer, CIOs and CMOs must work together to satisfy and to strategically engage customers throughout their life cycle to drive business growth. This need for collaboration is now bigger than ever before” - Forrester Research - January 2014

Rapidly advancing technology has given customers and consumers more power than ever before. They can buy from any brand, anywhere in the world, at any time, at the click of a button - and can tell billions of people in just seconds everything they think. As such, organisations face a maze of complexity when communicating and selling to these powerful customers. They are struggling to ensure a consistent and integrated experience across all offline and online channels, whilst maintaining the stringent profit targets being set in this challenging economic climate.

The Digital Marketing Exchange
brings together 60 C-suite and Director level digital marketing decision makers from FTSE and Global 500 brands. Attendees at this invitation-only event will have the chance to meet, discuss, network and benchmark against some of the world's most renowned digital marketing leaders, whilst engaging with the market’s most innovative solution providers in private, pre-scheduled one-to-one business meetings, to decide the future of their digital strategy.

Will you be joining them?

  • The Digital Journey MapThe Digital Journey Map

    The world is going through a digital revolution, at an unprecedented pace, but the power of this revolution isn’t simply the advancements in technology or the changes in the digital landscape, but the fact that the technology is in the hands of the customer!

    To find out where this revolution is taking us the editorial team at the Customer Management Exchange Network has put together a Digital Journey Map, showcasing the thoughts of some of worlds leading digital marketers from the most credible brands to find out where they’re at on their Digital Journey and critically where they need to be.

  • Understanding Digital Marketing Top 10 Investment Priorities Understanding Digital Marketing Top 10 Investment Priorities

    In the run up to the 2014 Digital Marketing Exchange we surveyed our elite network of CMOs and Heads of Digital to understand their biggest industry challenges, and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6-12 months. Download this free info-graphic to review the results.

  • eBook: Meeting the Needs of the Digital, Social & Mobile Customer eBook: Meeting the Needs of the Digital, Social & Mobile Customer

    Based on extensive research gleaned from surveying Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Customer Officers, and Strategic Directors of Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, eCommerce, and Social Media, this eBook – created by the CM Exchange Network and CMO.com - explores how organisations are approaching customer experience in today’s digital world. The aim is for these results to allow you to benchmark your own initiatives, whilst also highlighting key trends from the survey that will help you better understand where digital investments are being made to help drive improvements to the customer experience.

  • Q&A with Ryan Skinner, Forrester
    Forrester senior analyst Ryan Skinner’s presentation on day two of the forthcoming Digital Marketing Exchange (London, September 16-17, 2014) provides great insights into why, to succeed in the age of the customer, digital marketers need to offer engaging content that their customers consider to be valuable or useful. And that this
    content can lead to more commercial results than traditionally commercial messaging. Download this Q&A for a sneaky peek at what he will be discussing at the Exchange.
  • The Programmatic Primer
    The Programmatic Primer is Warc's essential guide for advertisers to the latest online advertising techniques. It explores the roles of the different players in the online advertising ecosystem and offers expert commentary from the industry's leading thinkers.

    For more on programmatic please visit  http://www.warc.com/Topics/TheProgrammaticPrimer.topic

    Please be aware that by downloading this article, you are agreeing to share your details with WARC.
  • CMOs & CIOs: Acquaintances or Allies? CMOs & CIOs: Acquaintances or Allies?

    In this study, one of our key partners, IBM explores the existing relationship between CMOs & CIOs to better understand how they are working together to support their organisation's initiatives

  • Are CMOs Ready For The Digital Marketing Era? Are CMOs Ready For The Digital Marketing Era?

    This infographic, produced by our partners IBM, gives insight into how CMO are implementing digital marketing and more importantly, how ready they are for the future of digital.

  • Enabling the next wave of secure enterprise messaging
    Infinite Convergence share their knowledge on Enterprise Messaging Service and critically how to meet tomorrow’s enterprise messaging needs today. A must read.
  • Infographic: How CMOs & Digital Marketers Choose Suppliers Infographic: How CMOs & Digital Marketers Choose Suppliers

    Today’s customers are in control. They can spend money anywhere in the world at the click of a button. As a result it is becoming increasingly important to understand your clients, peers and customers. Based on market research The Customer Management Exchange Network has created this inforgraphic which highlights the business objectives and the process of chossing suppliers in todays hypercompetitive market.

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Speaker Highlights

 Tom Malleschitz
Tom Malleschitz
Director of Marketing (CMO)
Robin Raven
VP Product Management
The Economist
 Suki Thompson
Suki Thompson
 Andreas Schneble
Andreas Schneble
Vice President Digital Marketing
Kaspersky Labs
 Ryan Skinner
Ryan Skinner
Senior Analyst Content Marketing
 Sonia Sudhakar
Sonia Sudhakar
Director of Digital
 Sameer Singh
Sameer Singh
VP and Global Media Head
 Vijay Solanki
Vijay Solanki
Senior Director – Digital Innovation
 Luisella Giani
Luisella Giani
Head of Digital EMEA
Goodyear Tire & Rubber
 Adrian Garcia-Sierra
Adrian Garcia-Sierra
Head of Digital
AXA Wealth
 Judith Denby
Judith Denby
Krispy Kreme
 Jonathan Earle
Jonathan Earle
Head of Customer Strategy

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